Petcover partners with the Tasmanian Feline Association

Petcover is thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Tasmanian Feline Association (TFA).

Tas Feline Association is a full affiliate member of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF), with members and breeders from all over Tasmania.

As an organisation, their mission is to promote the responsible breeding of pedigree cats and their health, raise public awareness about responsible cat ownership and encourage member participation in all aspects of the association.

TFA also believes that cat shows are an important part of the breeding process for our breeders, so to facilitate this, we hold regular shows in both the North and South of the state.

“Tas Feline are delighted to partner with Petcover to protect our purr family insurance needs.” said Angela Hawkes, of Tas Feline Association.

Petcover looks forward to building upon this relationship with TFA, and supporting their committee, cat breeders, and cat owners through upcoming 2024 events.

To find out more information on Tas Feline Association, you can contact them via their website!