Welcoming our new partnership with CATS NSW

Petcover welcomes another wonderful new partnership and would like to introduce Cats NSW.

CATS NSW is a cat governing body in New South Wales and the ACT and is proudly affiliated with the Australian Cat Federation Inc.

A progressive, welcoming, non-profit organisation, their key mission is to promote the welfare of all cats, responsible and ethical breeding of pedigreed cats, and the showing of pedigreed cats and de-sexed domestic cats.

Together with their six affiliated cat clubs based all around NSW, Cats NSW conducts several All-Breeds Championship Cat Shows, including at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

In 2024, they were also delighted to be hosting the Australian Cat Federation National Show in Sydney, the largest cat show in Australia.

All their registered breeders abide by the Breeders Code of Ethics and offer sound and healthy kittens for sale and exhibition.

Cats NSW has an extensive list of breeders and breeds listed on their website to assist new owners find a healthy and happy pedigreed cat or kitten.

As a governing body, CATS NSW offers its clubs and breeders advice and guidance where possible.

The Committee of CATS NSW meets monthly to discuss current issues affecting Clubs, breeders, and the wider cat fancy across Australia.

CATS NSW welcomes new inquiries for membership for both breeders and non-breeders, with contact details available on their website for further information.

To find out more on how to get involved with Cats NSW or check for upcoming events, please visit their website here: catsnsw.com.au/