Petcover Goes to The Vet Expo Melbourne

Vet Expo provides an open forum for veterinarians and animal health professionals to meet, collaborate, learn, and congregate.

Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th October, this in-person two-day festival brings 2500+ visitors together from across all pet care and veterinarian animal health care sectors.

Uniting industry specialists, over 120 guest speakers, 1200 plus exhibitors, and an excess of 30 startup companies.

Conferences included animal welfare, animal behaviour, practice management, dentistry, companion canine, vet nursing and so much more.

Industry sellers showcased their businesses and products which included new technology, medical and radiology equipment, pet wellness and nutrition, career guidance, training facilities, distributors, registry boards, and many other elite and industry contacts.

The Petcover event and Professional brokerage team attended and had the opportunity to speak with university students, vet nurses, practice managers, veterinarians, and business owners about all their pet and business insurance needs.

During the Expo, visitors had the opportunity to listen and learn from guest speakers in media, government, pet food governance, animal medicines Australia, equine, exotic pet, and companion animal veterinarian specialists, Not-for-profit organisations, Wildlife and Zoological experts as well as university lecturers.

Speakers included, Dr. Harry Cooper, Dr. Zachary Lederhose, Dr. Cristy Secombe, Michelle Lang, Dr. Diana Barker, Dr. Jessica Moore-Jones, Ian Shivers, Dr. Emma Hall, and Dr. Phoebe Readford to name a few.

Our team enjoyed their time connecting with expo visitors and exhibitors and look forward to reconnecting and meeting new acquaintances in Sydney next year.

To find out more about general, business, and professional insurance, connect with the Petcover brokerage team here.