Winter safety for your pets

With the change of season and the temperature outside, here's some tips to keep your pets safe during winter.

What is too cold?

During the winter, both people and animals tend to stay inside more, eat more, and just chill out. This is mostly because the days are shorter, but the cold is also a big reason. How cold is too cold for a pet that lives outside?

How dogs handle being outside in the winter depends on their breed. Many short-haired breeds don’t do well in the cold, but long-haired breeds have a thicker coat that helps them enjoy the cold more. Some dogs, like Huskies, are made for cold weather and do well in temperatures below zero. However, generally, your dog should stay mostly inside when it’s cold enough for you to wear a jacket.


During the winter, dogs and cats naturally burn more calories because their bodies need more energy to stay warm. During the colder months, this will require a little more food. You should check with your vet first, so you don’t give them too much food. Not only is giving your dog extra food very important, but you must also make sure it stays hydrated. Even though it’s cold outside, your pet still needs water. Dry weather and constant heating in the house can quickly dry out your pet, and they will need to have access to water at all times.


We can all think of better things to do in the winter than go outside when it is cold and raining. But it’s important to give your pet, especially your dog, exercise all year long. If your pet has short hair or a thin body, you may need to buy them a jacket so they can go outside and play without being too cold.

Outside pets

If your cat or dog lives outside most of the time, it’s important that they always have access to a shelter that is not only watertight but also wind tight. Try to put their shelter away from wind tunnels and up off the ground so that water can’t get in and the area stays warmer.


During the colder months, it’s important not to forget about grooming, especially brushing your pet’s coat. By brushing their coats often, you can get rid of dead hair and keep their natural oils, which not only keep their skin healthy but also help their coats grow out and protect them more from the cold. When winter is coming, you should not shave your pet or cut their fur very short. This will leave them with little protection from the cold winds.

There are many reasons why we should pay attention to our pets during the winter months  . When it’s cold and damp outside, people can get joint pain, feel uneasy because they can’t fully relax in the warmth, and get sick more often. To keep a pet happy and healthy, it’s important to keep them on a regular schedule and protect them from the weather outside.