Helping your pets through New Year’s Eve fireworks

Helping your pets through New Year’s Eve fireworks

Fireworks are only permitted in Australia during approved times by the government. New Year’s Eve is a major global event where firework displays take place; it’s important to prepare for this time of year to help your pets get through it.
Here are some sure-fire ways to help keep your pets safe and happy during New Year’s Eve celebrations…

1. Consider your pet’s surroundings

Indoor pets – you can reduce the visual and audible effects of fireworks by closing your curtains and turning the tv or radio on. This will help keep the atmosphere as comfortable and cosy as possible!

Outdoor pets – take them into their stables or a safe shelter rather than leaving them further exposed to fireworks in an open space. Make sure stable doors are shut and give them plenty of tasty treats to keep them distracted.

2. What is your pet trying to tell you?

Your pet will indicate how they are feeling through their body language. Do they need consoling? Or could they do with some space? It is essential to spot the signs so you can cater to your pet’s needs and help them feel as relaxed as they can be.

3. Keep your pet occupied

It’s always a good idea to let your pet burn off energy before the evening draws in, with a play or exercise session. This allows your pet to get rid of excess energy which could be converted into anxiety later in the day due to fireworks. Supply your pet with plenty of treats and toys to keep them mentally stimulated and distracted. Treat puzzles are especially effective for this!

4. Familiarise your pets with the sound of fireworks

If you have indoor pets, it’s advantageous to play firework sounds to them regularly, ideally soon after you welcome them into your family. Always have plenty of treats handy to make the sound of fireworks a positive association, so they are not so phased in real life scenarios.

We wish you all a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, and New Year ahead, from the Petcover Group team!