A tribute to Sashenka

Sashenka, sometimes known as ‘Shenka,’ is an 8-year-old Mally (Alaskan Malamute).

On walks, Shenka makes sure everyone gets a cuddle, especially at cafe strips. Everyone adores her, especially youngsters, the old, and the sick, and she brings them much delight. Shenka has a big heart, is highly engaged, amusing, affectionate, lively, and far too smart.

Shenka despises water, particularly when it rains when the grass is cold and wet. Even when her Pet Parent walks on the grass to assure her that everything is fine, Shenka simply turns around and goes back inside with a ‘no way’ attitude. What’s so amusing about this is that Shenka adores snow! “She surprised us,” Kerry, her pet mum, “because instead of weeping to come inside because it’s cold and rainy, she wanted to stay outside and get up to all sorts of mischief.”

Shenka escaped from her leash one morning. Kerry described the escaped as looking like something out of a cartoon. Her lead was looped around and around her pet daddy’s leg until she broke free and raced away. It seemed like a lot of fun and all in good humour. She returned with her head bowed, knowing she shouldn’t have done it, but lifted it when she heard her folks laugh.

Shenka enjoys talking; she will correct you and will make her parents aware when she desires something. She is quite outspoken and fascinated with the air conditioning and television, and she will do anything to get her way until she wins and her pet parents turn them on for her.

“It’s hilarious seeing her watch TV,” Kerry added. She is truly listening and participating in it. Get Smart is one of her favourite shows. “She believes the characters are speaking directly to her!”

“We’d want to thank Petcover, and we’re all so grateful to all the employees involved,” Kerry added. We’re so relieved Shenka can be herself again after her fractured leg, surgeries, and sleepless nights.”

Shenka has returned!