What is ‘Umbrella for Life’?

Australia is a nation of animal lovers, almost more so than anywhere else in the world

In fact, according to the recent 2020 report by Animal Medicines Australia our 29 million pets out number people! The survey reports that more than 60% of dog and cat owners consider their pets to be members of the family.

But just as with any family member, keeping pets happy and healthy can be expensive. Injury, accidents, and illness can happen at any time, and the reality of veterinary fees can come as quite a shock.

At Petcover, we know how quickly vet bills can add up when illness or injury strikes your treasured pet. That’s why we created our Umbrella For Life policies to provide cover for ongoing conditions for the duration of your pet’s life, provided that the cover is renewed each year without a break. So, with Petcover’s exclusive Umbrella For Life insurance, your furry family member can enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.

Petcover’s resident vet explains, “Unfortunately, our pets can suffer injuries or develop lifelong illnesses, and the cost of treating these can add up very quickly.

“So, as an example, treatment for a dog with a herniated spinal disc can easily exceed $10,000 to enable the animal to walk again. In another example, if a cat or dog developed heart disease, the animal would require ongoing daily medication for the rest of its life – which can easily run to a few hundred dollars per month.

“Not everyone can afford these costs, which could lead to the pet not receiving the treatment it needs to live the best life it can. With pet insurance, the financial burden can be eased and allows your pet to get the best treatment possible.“

Umbrella For Life insurance cover is ideal for if your pet were to develop a long-term illness, such as diabetes; or your dog develops arthritis following a broken/fractured limb and subsequently requires ongoing care. Other pet insurers have treatment cost thresholds per related condition over the life of a pet. With Petcover’s Umbrella For Life, you’ll never need to worry about these caps, as long as you don’t cancel your policy or let it lapse at renewal.

Umbrella for Life covers your pet year after year, for your pet’s lifetime. This means you will never have to worry about financing any ongoing vet costs at the end of your policy. And you can be assured that you’re never in the dreadful position of having to choose between costs and your pet’s life. As long as your policy is renewed each year, we’ll take care of everything else.

If you’re all set to get Umbrella For Life pet insurance, you can buy a policy online today. It’s quick, easy and means your pets will get the cover they deserve.

How Petcover can help your pet

Petcover specialises in offering quality, straightforward pet insurance with a range of policy options that suit your needs. Whether your pet is big or small, furry or scaly our range of cover options are packed with added benefits. Accidents can happen at any time and the reality of veterinary costs can come a quite a shock. With our range of cover levels for dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals, why not get a quote today.