We are proud to introduce our new partnership with Cavy Council of Victoria

Petcover welcomes another wonderful new partnership and would like to introduce the Cavy Council of Victoria Inc.

So what is a Cavy (rhymes with navy, never with navvy) you ask?

Well, Cavy is another name for Guinea Pig – it is derived from their Latin name Cavia porcellus.

Cavies originally came from the Andes (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia) and have been domesticated for around 5,000 years. They have been bred in a diverse array of coat types and colours, with the result that they now no longer resemble their wild ancestors.

Cavies have had many uses over the years, initially, they were kept as a nutritious food source and are still kept for meat in several parts of South America. Because of certain physiological similarities to humans, they have been used as a vehicle for medical research and have proved to benefit mankind greatly in this way.

Today though the cavy is a wonderful pet and the focus of the cavy fancy – a popular and thriving hobby that brings together enthusiasts from all walks of life in the common interest of breeding and showing their cavies.

The Cavy Council of Victoria Inc. (CCV Inc.) was formed in July 1962 and is the first and thus the oldest Cavy Club in Australia and was a founding member of the Australian National Cavy Council Inc.

The key mission statement objectives of CCV Inc. are to promote and encourage responsible breeding and the improvement of cavy welfare, promote and raise the standards and exhibition of pure breed cavies, and provide information and advice on all matters on cavies.

The CCV Inc. is a friendly family-orientated club holding shows all over Victoria from March to December each year. These shows cater for both pure breed cavies as well as pets.

Everyone is welcome and membership is available for both breeders and non-breeders or indeed for anyone just wanting to support these delightful pets!

Petcover looks forward to working with the CCV for 2024 and is excited about what the future may hold with this partnership.

For more information about the Cavy Council of Victoria Inc (CCV), please visit their website here.