There are 101 Reasons to Take out Pet Insurance

10-year-old Dalmatian Jemima is happy, super fit and loves to run. Whilst her health has always been good, one day she suffered a sudden injury. Luckily for Jemima, her owners had the foresight to take out pet insurance with Petcover for Jemima and their other pets. As long-term customers, they were delighted that Petcover could help, just when Jemima needed it most.

Her owner, Lynn told Petcover, “In January, Jemima was out chasing rabbits with her adopted brother Wilbur, our 2-year-old liver spot Dalmatian. They were having a lovely time and I didn’t actually see what happened, but she appeared from the bushes holding her back left leg up – not a whimper from her but I knew immediately it was serious.”

Lynn rushed Jemima to their local vet, Vets of Geelong, where they performed X-rays and she was given pain relief. The X-rays revealed that Jemima had shattered two bones in her hock. “She did a good job of that leg!” remarks Lynn.

Three days later, Jemima went through an extensive surgical process, performed by an orthopaedic specialist, Luke, and his veterinary team. The operation lasted 2.5 hours where the surgeon performed a “partial arthrodesis”. This involved a lot of delicate work to insert a plate, pins, wire and screws to rebuild Jemima’s leg.

Jemima’s owners were able to pick her up that same day and have now begun the very slow process of recovery which will take at least three months.

As long-term Petcover customers, Lynn and her family were proud to share these fantastic pictures of Jemima and her family, of which she is the matriarch, according to Lynn. Thank you for being a loyal Petcover customer Lynn, and for sharing your story, we wish Jemima all the best for a full recovery.


There are 101 reasons to take out pet insurance for your best friend, but the peace of mind that you are covered for any unexpected injuries, just like with Jemima, is priceless.

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