Petcover is proud to join the Second Chance Animal Rescue sponsor family

This month, we partnered with Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) to sponsor one of their dog kennels and one of their kitten rooms. This means that SCAR can continue with their important work in fostering and rehoming vulnerable pets.

With their animal shelter based in Craigieburn, Melbourne, Second Chance Animal Rescue works tirelessly in the Victorian community. SCAR supports sick, injured, vulnerable and displaced animals and has an army of committed of foster carers. Our sponsorship means that we can help support their work financially to cover the medical, enrichment, training and general care needs for the homeless animals in their shelter.

If you’re interested in contributing to SCAR and helping them with all the amazing work they do, you can donate here:

As a not-for-profit organisation, they rely heavily on donations from the community. And if you’re looking for a new pet? Make sure you follow them on Facebook for updates on their rescues and adoptions:

We wish Marissa and the SCAR team all the best and hope that Petcover’s contribution makes a difference in the lives of the many animals in their care.