Reptile profiles: Children’s python

Found in the northern regions of Australia, this small non-venomous python is a beautiful creature. As they can live in various habitats they are able to adapt well in captivity.

We take a closer look at these amazing pythons.

The Children’s python didn’t derive its name because it eats children or is a suitable snake for children; the python was named after John George Children who first described the species in 1842. They are one of the smallest python species in the world, only growing to an average of 1 meter long. Children’s Pythons are nocturnal animals and during the day they hide in caves or crevices. They are usually light brown, reddish-brown or beige in colour and are marked with dark patches and when their scales are exposed to sun they have an amazing rainbow sheen.

Their diet usually consists of feeding on small mammals, frogs, rodents and small birds. Like all pythons they wrap around their prey and squeeze them to death before they swallow their food whole. Children’s pythons are generally placid and gentle natured however they can bite if they feel threatened. They have a non-venomous bite however you should seek medical treatment if ever bitten.

With all pets you must always do your research and consider any factors that come with owning a snake before making a decision. Also please check your states different licensing laws and requirements.



4 Fast Facts about the Children’s Python

  1. Scientific name Antaresia Childreni
  2. Found in the northern and central regions of Australia
  3. Lifespan of 15-20 years
  4. Named after John George Children curator of the British Museum’s zoological collection.

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