Reptile profile: Crested gecko

Found originally on the tropical island of New Caledonia these small lizards make a perfect first pet for beginners. We take a closer look at makes the Crested Gecko so unique.

Crested Geckos can make excellent first pets as they are a great size, having amazing personalities and are physically very stunning, with no two crested geckos looking alike as their colour and patterns vary. They can grow up to 20 cm and if kept properly can live up to 20 years. In the wild these reptiles eat fruit and bugs; this should be carried over if they are being kept as a pet as well as incorporating a commercial formula to their diet. As well as food, fresh water should always be available for your Crested Gecko.

Crested Geckos have sticky pad on their toes which allows them to be amazing climbers. As well as being amazing climbers they are great at jumping too. So their enclosures should be big enough to allow for branches and vines to sit at various heights to allow them to climb and jump with ease. Once their tails shed they do not grow back. Their most popular feature are the small scales above their eyes which look like eyelashes. They have no eyelids and clean their eyes by licking them. Their colour varies from different shades of yellows, orange, reds, blues, browns and even greys.

With all pets you must always do your research and consider any factors that come with owning a gecko before making a decision. Also please check your states different licensing laws and requirements.


4 Fast Facts about Crested Geckos

  1. Scientific Name Rhacodactylus ciliates
  2. At one point they were thought to be extinct only to be ‘rediscovered in 1994
  3. Lifespan of 10-20 years
  4. They are nocturnal

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