Mice and rats as pets

Often these small rodents are overlooked as pets, many people often associating them with negative thoughts therefore giving them a bad reputation. They actually make wonderful pets and have become very popular in recent times. They are small, easy to take care of and are relatively quiet.

We take a look at what makes mice and rats a great choice for a pet.


Mice can make great pets, they are small, cute, fast, playful and very quiet. Mice are not shy at all, can be trained and over time form a lovely bond with their owners. They do not need to be groomed or bathed as they are excellent groomers and will keep themselves clean if they are kept in good surroundings. Mice eat meat and plant based foods so a mixture of both in their diet is needed for them to stay happy and healthy. They are very active and need toys to help them burn off all that energy as they love to eat. They should always be handled with care and should never be picked up by their tail.


Rats are very social, intelligent and if they are handled regularly, can become tame and enjoy human companionship. As they are intelligent animals they need lots of brain stimulation so toys are great to have in their enclosure. They can even be taught to do tricks and love to climb. As they are social animals they love being kept with other rats this will help them be happy and healthy. A mixture of fresh fruit and vegetables, rat pellets and chicken or other raw bones will help ensure that your rat receives its nutritional needs, keeping it happy and healthy. Like mice they do not need to be groomed as they groom themselves. They are a bit bigger than mice however they still need to be handled with care and should not be picked up by their tail.

Mice and Rats can make great pets! They are small, cute and are easy to care for. As with any new pet it is best to do your research beforehand and consider any factors that come with owning a pet before you make your decision.

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