Four facts about guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are cute, small and affectionate creatures and can make wonderful pets however with any pet they do require commitment and attention.

We look at four facts about guinea pigs you may have not known about.

Guinea pigs cannot produce their own Vitamin C

Like us humans, guinea pigs cannot manufacture their own Vitamin C therefore they need to source it from the food they eat. Without adequate Vitamin C guinea pigs can experience weight loss, weakness and swollen joints. Foods rich in Vitamin C such as leafy green vegetables and capsicums should be given daily to insure your guinea ‘pig stays healthy.

Guinea pigs like to pop

‘Popcorning’ is referred to the amazing leaps a guinea pig does in the air. This act is nothing bad at all; it simply means that your pet is happy! It is mostly observed more frequently in babies than adults; however adult guinea pigs still can ‘pop’ in moments of joy.

Guinea pigs purr

Along with various other sounds and behavioural expressions guinea pigs make such as: hissing, chirping and whistling, they also make a purring sound. This purring sound can have different meanings depending on different factors. A deep purr is usually a sign that your guinea pig is content or relaxed. However if your pet is purring in short bursts it usually means they have been startled or feel threatened.

Their teeth continue to grow

A guinea pigs teeth do not stop growing and they need to be worn down so they do not cause problems for your pet. To help stop their teeth from growing too much, foods such as compressed pellets, hay and grass will help. Hardwoods such as apple, hickory and oak are also great for your pet to nibble on in order to prevent dental problems.

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