4 oldest tortoises

Tortoises are known to have one of the longest lifespans in the animal kingdom averaging from 50 to 100 years. Although scientists cannot actually confirm how old a tortoise can get there have been some tortoises that have lived well and truly past the age of 100!

We take a look at 4 of the oldest tortoises in the world.


Is an Aldabra Giant Tortoise who is believed to have lived for about 250 years until he passed away in 2006. Adwaita spent majority of his life at the Alipore Zoological Gardens in Kolkata India. According to the zoo, he was born around 1750 and was one of the four tortoises brought back to India from Seychelles Islands as a gift to Lord Clive. Adwaita time at the zoo was spent from 1875 until 2006 where sadly he passed away.


At 187 years old, Jonathan the Seychelles Giant Tortoise is currently the oldest living tortoise in the world. He arrived at his current location of Plantation House on the Island of St Helena at the age of 50 and has remained there ever since. Jonathan was a gift to William Grey Wilson, who was then the governor of the territory.


The Giant Galapagos Land Tortoise lived to be 175 years old. It has been believed that Harriet was one of the three tortoises taken form Galapagos Island by Charles Darwin in 1835. Harriet spent a few years in Britain before coming to Brisbane Australia around 1842. For more than 100 years she called the Brisbane Botanical Gardens her home. She eventually arrived at Australia Zoo in 1987 and lived out the rest of her days under the care of Steve and Terri Irwin.


Is an Aldabra Giant Tortoise who is currently living on Bird Island in Seychelles. There is no information on the exact date of his (yes he is a boy, despite the female name) birth, it is said that Esmeralda is about 170 years old. At 304 kgs he is the world heaviest, free-roaming tortoise.

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