Tips for keeping your dog warm in winter

Many dog owners are unsure of how to care for their dog in the colder months. Despite popular belief, a thick coat of fur on your pooch doesn’t necessarily guard against the chill of winter. Just like humans, canines can feel the cold and are also susceptible to illnesses like respiratory infections and frostbite when the temperature drops. Some dogs have been bred to deal with the cold better than others so make sure you do your research and consult a vet to get an idea of how your particular dog is likely to fare in cool climates.

The following are some practical tips to help keep your dog warm and healthy throughout winter:

Let them sleep inside

Your dog may be perfectly content sleeping outside on balmy summer nights, but in winter time it’s best to be safe and move their bed indoors. Unless the breed of your dog originates from cold weather, it will likely be a lot warmer and happier inside.

Watch out for illness

Be extra vigilant when it comes to caring for your dog’s health during winter. If your pet has existing ailments such as arthritis, these may be exacerbated in cold weather. Keep an eye on your dog and don’t hesitate to visit a vet if their condition worsens or they develop new symptoms.

Keep your dog dry

Dogs love to run around and play outdoors so your dog’s fur will inevitably get wet from rolling around in puddles or going for walks in the rain. To avoid your dog getting a chill, make sure you dry them off as soon as possible- don’t let them roam around for hours with a damp coat. When bathing your dog, use warm water instead of cold and make sure they are completely dry before you let them outside.

Extra layers

Consider investing in a little doggy jacket or sweater for your pup during winter. Particularly if you have a small dog or a breed that is sensitive to the cold, an outer layer will go a long way to provide some extra insulation. Plus you can have a lot of fun picking out adorable clothing for your canine!

It doesn’t take a lot of work to make sure your pup stays cozy and warm throughout winter. The best piece of advice is to use common sense! If your dog is trembling, its ears or body feels cold or it doesn’t seem to be enjoying being outside in cold temperatures then chances are it needs some winter warming.

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