Mr Finnigan the Therapy Dog

Mr Finnigan the Therapy Dog

Mr Finnigan is an 8-year-old Standard Poodle who works as a therapy dog; it is safe to say there is nothing ‘standard’ about him!

There is no mistaking Mr Finnigan for another dog, with his distinctive dreadlocks and colourful outfits that he wears on special occasions.

For the past 4 years, he has visited the Fellowship House community centre with his owner Kim who have become well-known faces in the community, featuring in the local press and attending events such as the Albany Pride Festival.

To no surprise, Mr Finnigan was chosen as ‘The dog judges most wanted to take home.’

He brightens up the room as soon as he enters, bringing a smile to people’s faces.

Mr Finnigan loves putting on a performance and being showered with attention; it’s a win-win situation for both him and those he visits.

Mr Finnigan’s owner Kim describes him as a loving and special friend who brings a smile to many people’s faces.

The happiness and comfort that therapy animals like Mr Finnigan bring to members of the community is invaluable; each one of them is a treasured member of society.