Is your pooch spoilt?

All dogs deserve a bit of pampering and it’s part of the fun of being a pet owner. However, if you are spoiling them in excess be aware that it may result in some problematic behaviours.

You can still show your dog affection and love while teaching them discipline and boundaries. It’s all about striking the right balance!

Signs your dog is Spoilt:

They sleep in your bed

You may have bought a perfectly comfortable and size appropriate doggy bed but still your dog insists on sleeping in your room…on your bed…under the covers. And you’re the one to blame for allowing it, justifying this pampered behaviour with excuses like ‘but my pup get cold at night’ or ‘he gets separation anxiety if he’s not close to me’. If your dog has grown accustomed to sharing your bed, it’s time to be brave and show your pup where its sleeping quarters are.

You have a full-sized cupboard dedicated to their toys

Nothing is too extravagant for your pooch, evidenced by your sizable collection of all the latest (and largely unnecessary) toys, gadgets and gizmos for your dog’s entertainment and pleasure. If you find yourself short on storage space due to an overwhelming number of dog toys it may be time to cut back on treats for your pet.

They have a favourite spot on the couch

They nudge you out of the way if you have the audacity to sit on their throne! Your dog needs to learn that it is a privilege to sit on the couch not a right.

They bark excessively or destroy things if they don’t get their way

If you witness frequent doggy tantrums this is a sure sign that you have an entitled pooch on your hands. If your dog refuses to respond to basic commands, it may need re-training in doggy etiquette 101.

What you should do:

Be consistent

Teach your dog what is and is not acceptable behaviour by being consistent in your training. For example, if you want your dog to sit still while you put on its lead, refrain from taking it for a walk until it obeys your command. That way, it will quickly learn that if it wants to go for a walk it must sit still. Dogs learn by repetition so if you are inconsistent your dog will get confused and not know what is expected of it.

Give treats conditionally

To aid consistency in your training, make sure you only give treats as a reward for good behaviour. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Don’t treat your dog ‘just because’ or out of guilt for leaving your dog alone. By giving treats conditionally and in response to specific actions your dog will learn that they have to earn treats.

Let them know who is boss

Make sure your dog knows who is in charge. Be calm, assertive and firm when giving commands and don’t budge on the rules you have established for your dog. If your dog misbehaves, do not give it what it wants! By exhibiting strong leadership, your dog will know you are the boss of the household and it must follow your rules.

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