Signs your cat loves you

Cats are often associated as being less loving and affectionate than other pets. Cats show their love and affection in many different ways. We look at five different actions your cat does to show their love and affection.


When a cat purrs it usually means they are relaxed or enjoying something. Cats don’t purr at other cats so if your cat is purring around you it usually means they are pretty fond of you.

Rolling and showing you their belly

Another way your cat is showing you some love is when they roll over and show you their belly. A vulnerable spot for your cat is its belly, so if you cat is inviting you to give them a belly rub or just showing you they belly, it is a sign they trust you, feel safe and comfortable around you and showing that they care about you.

Head Bumps

Cats have glands on their face and their cheeks that produce pheromones that are used to mark territory and signal comfort. When your cat head bumps you or rubs their cheeks on you, they are showing how much they trust you and are comfortable around you.

Bringing Gifts

Cats are natural hunters and only share the things they hunt with those that they trust. If you cat brings you a gift, it is a sign they love you and care for you.

Slow Blinks/Loving Eyes

It is often said that slow eye blinks from your cat are considered a cat kiss. When your cat slowly blinks at you it is a sign that they trust you and enjoys your company. Next time you are around your cat slowly blink back and show your cat that you trust them and enjoy their company too.

What are some other ways your cat shows you some love?

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