Pet nail clipping

As an owner, getting your pet’s nails clipped can be very expensive. There is, however, a more cost-effective option – doing it yourself. By giving your pet a pedicure, you will save money and create a stronger bond between you and your furry friend.

What you Will Need

As you may already know, clipping your pet’s nails isn’t as straightforward as clipping your own. You will need to purchase specific pet-friendly clippers which can come in a number of styles:

Guillotine style – easiest to use especially for small dogs

Pliers style – great to use for larger breeds

Scissor type

When choosing the right clippers for you and your pet, be sure to ask someone in the know if you’re not sure which will best suit your situation. As you begin to cut your pet’s nails, it is important to have a number of tasty treats on hand to reward them for sitting still after each nail which allows for positive reinforcement. This will mean that your pet will associate them getting their nails clipped with getting treats and affection.

Where Do you Start?

For a pet that is not used to the process, nail clipping can be a stressful time for them and a frustrating time for you. With this in mind, it is imperative that you take it easy so your dog or cat can get accustomed to the process. Be sure to have a firm grip on the clippers and use your fingers to separate your pet’s toes to make the process easier.

If you are having trouble getting your pet used to the clippers and the sound they make, you can start off by holding them near their paws and rewarding them for good behaviour. Do this regularly for 10 minutes at a time and then eventually move on to closing the clippers so your pet is desensitised to the noise as well. As you do this and reward them for their good behaviour, they will eventually have very little problems when it comes to actually clipping their nails.

Safety First

It is a good idea to watch YouTube videos on nail clipping or seek help from a vet or groomer so you know exactly what you need to do. This will hopefully allow you to avoid cutting your pets quick as this will result in bleeding and some discomfort for your animal. If you do happen to clip the quick, hold a cloth on it as long as possible and it will eventually stop bleeding – be sure to keep a close eye on it in case of infection.

How often should I clip their nails?

No two pets are the same; some may need to be trimmed regularly while others can be done every couple of months. Some pets may not even need to be clipped as their nails will naturally wear down due to their breed and the environment they are exposed to. The general rule of thumb is – if you can hear their nails click on the floor as they walk, they need to be trimmed.

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