Is routine care cover worth it?

There is a massive split between the pet insurance companies that offer cover for routine care and those who don’t. However, is it truly worth the extra money on your policy each year to be covered for one-off procedures?

Routine care is the procedures and checks you get done for your pet that help them stay healthy and safe. It includes everyday pet necessities such as desexing, microchipping and vaccinations. These are seen as procedures that the owner should take in to account in the initial costs of buying the pet.

Petcover provides peace of mind that your pet will have access to the very best veterinary attention should an unexpected injury or illness happen that you otherwise would not be able to budget for. Routine care of your pet, such as vaccinating, worming and de-sexing can be budgeted for.

Not only should routine care be budgeted for, if it is included in the policy cover, you will be paying extra every month for something that is a one-off procedure. E.g. preventative care cover at some pet insurance companies costs $10 extra every month which over the life of a dog (12-15 years) can be over $1,700 for operations that are less than $100.

So when it comes to routine cover, it can be argued that the initial benefits do not outweigh the amount of extra money you will be spending over the lifetime of your pet to cover these initial procedures.

How Petcover can help your pet

Petcover specialises in offering quality, straightforward pet insurance with a range of policy options that suit your needs. Whether your pet is big or small, furry or scaly our range of cover options are packed with added benefits. Accidents can happen at any time and the reality of veterinary costs can come a quite a shock. With our range of cover levels for dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals, why not get a quote today.

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