All you need to know about the amazing Ready Vet Go!

Ready Vet Go is an Emergency & Urgent Care service that is the only service in Australia to provide Critical Care Pet Ambulance Transport & At-Home Emergency/Urgent Care Response with an Emergency Vet, as well as a Veterinary Nurse or Assistant.

Petcover is pleased to be partnering with such a critical service for the health and well-being of our beloved pets.

Their Pet Ambulance is equipped with Human-Grade equipment & emergency medication to provide care before and during critical transports.

With comparable pricing to Emergency Hospitals and aiming to keep your pet’s health managed at home, they can reduce stress on pets and allow owners to wait in the comfort of their own home while seeking the best medical care.

In emergencies, Ready Vet Go provides at-home stabilisation & pet transport which can improve health outcomes, reduce hospital length stays, and reduce overall veterinary bills.

Additionally, Ready Vet Go offers at-home euthanasia and prides itself on providing comfort, guidance & peace during your pet’s final moments.

Despite their service being emergency in nature, they allow for quality time with your pet, as well as a pain-free, gentle & empathetic goodbye for pets & owners alike.

Their service offers After-Care services so that you can focus on beginning the grieving process, without the added pressure of coordinating your pet’s care after death.

Give your pet the best care by bridging the gap with Australia’s Premium Pet Paramedic & Ambulance Service – Ready Vet Go.