Dog Insurance for Bulldogs

People love them the most because of their adjustable natures and friendly attitude. Their nature makes them ideal as family pets. Here at Petcover, you can find award-winning pet insurance for your bulldog, get a quote here.


Why Pet Owners Love Bulldogs

They are able to connect with people of all ages. The presence of bulldogs in the home should not endanger the safety of any elderly or young children. Furthermore, these dogs are naturally protective and take great pleasure in protecting your family.

Even though they aren’t particularly welcoming to visitors, you can enjoy their company once you’ve gained their friendship.

The bulldog, often confused with the French bulldog, is ideal for individuals who desire a lap dog as well as a dog who enjoys munching! This breed is a fantastic pet, but keep in mind that they can be mouthy and like to throughout day.

If you’re an adventurer looking for a continuous companion, adopting a bulldog is a terrific idea because they require a lot of mental stimulation.


Facts and Characteristics of the Bulldog Breed

Bulldogs have unique personalities and characteristics. Following are some fun facts about the dog breed to keep in mind.

  • They have courageous, calm, and settled personalities.
  • Bulldogs have been around for 130+ years.
  • These dogs first helped with bull-baiting; thus, their names.
  • In addition, they work as search dogs in the military, among other tasks.
  • These dogs have a high probability of snoring.

These characteristics and facts make bulldogs an ideal choice for pet lovers globally. However, owning a bulldog as a pet comes with a lot of responsibility.

The bulldog breed has a high tendency to develop medical conditions. Thus, dog owners may need to spend a large amount of money on treating these dogs and ensuring they stay healthy and happier.


Common Health Conditions that Bulldogs Develop

A bulldog usually has good health but can develop several health conditions with time. The chance of developing health issues increases with age, so insurance policies may cost more for older bulldogs, if you have not had cover previously.

Here is a list of some common health conditions for bulldogs you should consider.

  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Skin Problems
  • Head shakes
  • Allergies

Health issues a bulldog may develop depending on what these dogs eat, their lifestyle, and genetics. Treating so many health issues can cost a lot, so a dog insurance policy for your bulldog is a good option.

Why should I have Dog Insurance?

Pet insurance for your dog is an insurance agreement policy that provides pet owners with the financial coverage they need to provide the best care possible. These insurance policies are popular in Australia because they allow pet owners to care for their pets without having to worry about unexpectedly spending a large sum of money in the event of an accident or illness.


Types of Dog Insurance for Bulldogs

Let’s talk about the different Dog insurance policies you can choose from for your Bulldog.

Umbrella for Life

Umbrella for Life is a level of cover included in all plans except for Economy and is valid throughout the pet’s life. Providing peace of mind, you’re covered and able to continue to claim for the treatment for on-going eligible illness or injuries throughout your Bulldog’s life, provided you continue and renew your policy without any breaks in cover.

Superior Plans

A popular choice for pet owners. For those who desire the best coverage for their Bulldog, these plans provide the highest level of comprehensive coverage currently offered.

These policies are ideal for dog owners looking for financial coverage because they provide the maximum benefits for eligible veterinary bills. With three levels of cover to choose from and including Umbrella for Life coverage. The opportunity to add a range of optional extras to your coverage is another feature of Superior Plans.

Mid-range Plans

The Mid-Range Plans are another popular option for Bulldog owners because they are more affordable while still offering high-quality protection for your dog.

Mid-Range plans provide three levels of cover with Umbrella for Life, just like Superior Plans.

If the unthinkable happened and your pet was involved in an accident or other similar situation, the policy plan offers financial coverage for eligible veterinary expenses. The Mid-range plans, which let you select your chosen benefit percentage, excess and co-payment limits, are perfect for high-energy and playful pets.

Your plans can be boosted, and you can select optional day-to-day benefits.

Safety-Net Plans

The Safety Net coverage is exactly that. Acting as a safety net if the unexpected was to occur or an emergency arises.

Under the range of Catastrophe plans available, there is no waiting period for injury, with Vet Fee excess and co-payment options. The Economy plans available offer coverage for older dogs of 4 years plus, which may be suitable for pet owners of older dogs. Terms and conditions will apply*. Older dogs can be more prone to falling sick or have severe medical conditions.

Pet parents with older dogs are likelier to spend more on their treatment, but the maximum benefit coverage can help pay for these costs quickly.


Receive Award-Winning Service With Petcover

Getting Pet insurance for your Bulldog, is a great way to get financial coverage for your pet. It can allow pet owners to provide the best care to their pets and ensure their well-being in the long run.

However, selecting the right professional for insurance cover is essential.

Therefore, we suggest reaching out to our professionals at Petcover Group, and we will help you choose the best plan and cover for your pet.

Reach out to us today!

*Terms and Conditions apply. Dogs must be between 8 weeks to 5 years. Cover subject to eligibility criteria, excludes pre-existing conditions, excesses, age limits and waiting periods apply. A Bulldog is considered a select breed, refer to your ‘Select Breed’ section on your certificate of Insurance. Please consider the PDS and TMD on product page on our website, before deciding to purchase the product.