Petcover and Petplan Have Merged

On the 27th of September 2021, two of the largest pet insurance specialists in Australia, along with their insurance partners, came together to form a powerhouse of pet insurance. Both Petcover and Petplan have a market-leading reputation for all types of family pets and also support vets and breeders.


Petplan and Petcover, Are Merging.

Coming together under the Petcover Group umbrella, the Australian organisation aims to create an unrivalled pet insurance, with the help of their pet insurance partners, offering a comprehensive range of insurance cover for Australian pet owners. Petplan, has a reputation for market-leading pet insurance (for dogs, cats and horses) supported by Australian vets and breeders, while Petcover has built its business around the most extensive range of products including cover for exotic pets.

The newly formed Australian alliance moves away from the UK Petplan relationship to a single brand, Petcover under the Petcover Group. This change will enable current and future customers to continue to benefit from the experience and track record of trusted market leaders, meeting the needs of their treasured pets, whilst providing exceptional claims service, under one great brand. Offering the same products under the one brand allows customers a clear choice without confusion, as per the insurance regulator’s guidelines.

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