Where do burmese cats come from?

The Burmese Cat comes from Burma referred to Myanmar in the present day, hence their name


Burmese Cats date back thousands of years when monks kept the apparently sacred animals in the temples of ancient Burma.

The story of the Burmese Cat that we know today starts with a female cat called Wong Mau, who was imported to America by a retired Navy Doctor and Practising Psychoanalyst. At the time, many breeders regarded Wong Mau as a dark Siamese. But Dr Thompson was adamant that they were wrong. So with the help of two women, who were experts in biology, genetics and animal husbandry, they carried out breeding experiments to prove his point.

Tai Mau, a Seal Point Siamese was imported from Thailand to breed with Wong Mau as there was no similar male cat in the USA. The litter produced Seal Point Siamese, along with brown kittens similar to Wong Mau. When mated to her son, Wong Mau produced a third type of kitten, with a dark brown coat. When these solid brown kittens were mated together, only solid brown kittens were produced. This proved that the Burmese were in fact its own distinct breed.

In 1957 two Burmese Cats were imported to Australia. Bred by Mrs C G Allen, these two started the Amherst line and the first of the Australian Burmese.

Burmese Today

Burmese cats are extremely people-orientated cats. They are often referred to as dog-like due to the attachment they have to their owners. They are also able to be taught tricks and even play fetch. They enjoy a conversation and will be sure to be at your side at all times.

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