About us

We're pet people, and our sole focus is keeping pets healthy and happy. Along with our insurance partners, we offer comprehensive, affordable cover for pets of all shapes and sizes.

image of a brown and white cat sitting on its owners shoulder having a cuddle

Our history

Petcover has gained over 40 years’ experience within the pet industry and have helped insured pets of all shapes and sizes with their insurance partners.

Created by international pet industry experts, they used their knowledge and expertise to provide one of New Zealand’s most comprehensive range of cover.

Operating globally, we are proud to have helped insure hundreds of thousands of pets, alongside our insurance partners. We also do this through understanding you and your pets’ needs whilst providing you with peace of mind.

In New Zealand, we work with our insurance partners, to allow us to offer  a comprehensive range of pet cover for cats, dogs, and horses, with the a wide range of policy options and cover levels to suit.

image of an australian shepherd dog high fiving a human

Why choose us

  • We give pet parents peace of mind by taking the financial worry out of having a pet, with plans designed to cover the unexpected so you can afford the specialist care your pet deserves.
  • You can rest easy knowing the claims process is easy and fast. Our customer service team are pet parents too, who strive to ensure claiming is as stress-free as possible.
  • Expect one of the shortest ‘waiting periods’ for illness and injury.
  • Liability cover is included: Third party liability cover protects you if your pet causes personal injuries or damage to a third party and you are found legally liable.