The ragdoll: the ideal lap-cat

The docile Ragdoll earned its name for its tendency to go limp

The docile Ragdoll earned its name for its tendency to go limp on those who hold them – just like the Ragdoll toy. Yet even though they are one of the largest domestic cat breeds out there, their laidback personality and affectionate nature prove the Ragdoll is just one big softie.

Their obedient nature means they are an ideal lap-cat and a perfect companion for owners. They usually get along well in multi-pet households and are quite content being left to their own devices. But even though the Ragdoll loves to laze about, they will occasionally show off their active side when given the right encouragement, even being able to learn basic obedience tricks just like dogs.

The large size and furry coat of the Ragdoll mean that they are great to cuddle up to. However, because they are of larger size, their joints are constantly put to the test. Their larger build can place significant mechanical stress on their hardworking joints and this means they will sometimes require additional support to avoid arthritis and joint pain development in later life. This is why it is worth considering a supportive diet that includes higher quality ingredients, including glucosamine and chondroitin, that are nutritionally targeted to help maintain optimal bone and joint health.

Unfortunately, arthritis isn’t the only health concern facing older Ragdolls, as they can be extra prone to developing certain heart problems. This is generally the case because the Ragdoll has a genetic predisposition to heart disease. To give them some extra care to assist healthy heart function, it’s vital these cats get a healthy dose of taurine in their diets. Taurine is essential in a cat’s diet to keep them at their healthiest, and a topped up dosage can help the Ragdoll’s heart health.

The extra support they need to not only maintain their joints but to help prevent and manage any heart issues is why a tailored, breed-specific diet is ideal for Ragdolls. Feeding them a diet high in specific nutrients and packed with high-quality ingredients can really support the needs of this breed.

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