The cavalier king charles: a gentle and loyal companion

Cavalier’s doe-eyed expression has made the breed a popular choice the delicate Cavalier’s doe-eyed expression has made the breed a popular choice for those after a cute companion.

They are generally gentle and friendly and love human contact. Yet their desire for the company means they don’t do well being left alone for long periods of time. If they are, they can experience separation anxiety, so owners who are generally out of the house for most of the day may find that it’s a good idea to have more than one pet so their Cavalier doesn’t feel lonely.

Cavaliers make wonderful family pets but if they aren’t socialized well they can become a little timid. Needing a little extra push to ease their sensitive personality, the breed also needs an extra hand with some health issues they are especially prone to.

The breed has a predisposition to ear irritations and infections and a long silky coat that can be prone to matting. Diets that include Omega 3 fatty acids and borage oil can help assist their overall ear and skin health, as can regular grooming and checking their ears are dry and clean.

Another point of sensitivity in the breed is their heart. The Cavalier is at risk of certain types of genetic heart conditions which can lead to congestive heart failure. Mitral valve disease (MVD) is the single most common heart disease and the main cause of concern in Cavaliers.  This is when the heart valve no longer fully closes after each pump causing a backflow of blood into the heart. In the case of the Cavalier, the occurrence of MVD is much higher than other breeds, but steps can be taken to support Cavalier heart health. Annual vet visits to detect the presence of a heart condition and a high-quality diet specifically formulated for heart health, with nutrients such as taurine and Omega 3 fatty acids, are a good idea to help support the cardiac health of your Cavalier.

Cavaliers are a breed that needs a particular diet due to their likelihood of developing some serious health issues. This is when a tailor-made diet can really help as it will provide the right combination of nutrients to help maintain, support and prevent conditions that Cavaliers may experience.

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