Keeping your dog safe at pride events

Keeping your dog safe at pride events

As pride month approaches, there are a number of local celebrations taking place. You may wish to bring your dog with you, so they can join in with the festivities, but there are things to think about before doing so.

Here are our top tips on keeping your dog safe and happy during pride celebrations:

1. Check the forecast

Is there a risk of extreme weather? You do not want to subject your dog to intense heat, leading to a risk of heatstroke and them burning their delicate paw pads.

It goes without saying, ensure you have a supply of fresh water for your dog wherever you take them, come rain or shine. Always try to avoid taking them out during peak hours, and make sure there is plenty of shade for them to chill out in.

2. Consider the crowd

With a lot of celebrations occurring, it is likely large crowds will form. If your dog copes well in crowded places and enjoys all the attention they can get, then they will be in their element!

If, however, your dog is likely to become anxious and defensive amongst a crowd full of strangers, it is best not to bring them with you. This is for both their own safety and those in the crowd! If you do bring your dog, make sure they have sufficient identification on their collar or harness in the event of losing them in the crowd.

3. Take time out

Even though it will be an exciting day for all involved, your dog may become overwhelmed with all that’s happening. Find a shady spot for them to take some time out before they join in on the fun again!

4. Praise!

Give your dog plenty of praise to let them know they are doing a great job! Providing them with their favourite treats will help create a positive association with events like this, especially if it is their first time!


We hope you and your four-legged friends have a wonderful time celebrating pride month!