3 reasons your cat is in a mood

Cats can be very temperamental at times but often there is a reason.

If you notice a change in your cat’s mood, try to determine why and switch things up to improve their happiness.

Your Cat is Bored

Cats, particularly indoor cats, need lots of stimuli to fill the void of not being able to hunt. If your cat is sat at home all day sleeping and eating, waiting for your return, they do not have enough activity in their lives. Cats need to hunt to stay mentally and physically healthy. Try to find new ways for your cat to eat rather than leaving them a bowl of food every morning. Keep their toys fresh by rotating which ones are left out for play and replenish them every few months.

You Changed Routine

Cats love routine and feel they are in control of their environment. If you’ve recently changed up your routine around the home, you’re messing with this. This may include spending more time at home or away from home. To keep your cat happy, keep your routine steady.

Stranger in their Territory

Some cats love guests. Some don’t. If there has been a recent increase in the number of guests you bring into your home, this may leave your cat feeling stressed. It is best to give your cat a safe space should this be the case. Find an area of the house they can feel relaxed in when guests arrive.

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