Why does my dog eat grass?

Although it is surprisingly common for dogs to eat grass, owners are still baffled by it

Why does my dog eat grass?

When it comes to dog behaviour, we can never know with complete certainty why they do what they do but there are lots of people all over the world who have spent a lot of time trying to figure our four-legged friends out.

Grass eating is one of those behaviours that can be subjective as there’s a lot of possible reasons why your dog likes it so much. It’s not an uncommon behaviour so there’s usually no need to worry, here are a few of the more popular explanations…


Scientists know grass contains folic acid which aids digestion and helps get things moving one way or another. Whilst it’s more common for cats to eat grass to throw up, statistically speaking, it’s far less likely for a dog to be sick after eating grass.

If your dog is missing something important from their diet, eating grass could be their way of trying to get it back into their diet. If you’re worried about your dog’s health, you should always talk to your vet and they can advise if there’s anything else you should be giving your pet.


Most dog owners will tell you there’s not much their dog won’t eat so it could just be that your dog likes the taste or texture of grass. Don’t forget your dog has a nose much more powerful than ours, there could be tasty morsels in that grass that we can’t see or smell but are very enticing for your pet.

If your dog’s proclivity for eating grass is more prevalent when they’re out on a walk, remember to be especially careful. They may be snacking on something a member of the opposite sex has scented, or they may be eating something discarded by careless walkers that could do real damage. Things like grapes and chocolate might make a handy snack for some walkers but they’re incredibly toxic to your dog.


We’ve all been guilty of eating just because we’re bored before now and your pet is no exception. If they’re more likely to start eating grass when they’re in their own back garden, it could be because there’s nothing else to mentally stimulate them. Make sure they’re allowed to have some toys in the garden and find time to play with them outside as well as during their regular walks.

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Whether you prefer a raw diet, store-bought kibble or tinned dog food, one thing scientists agree on is that dogs are omnivores and not carnivores. Whilst they’re meat-focused animals, they have teeth and digestive organs designed for consuming grains, fruit, and vegetables as well.

Long before they became the domesticated pets they are today; dogs would have regularly consumed grass as part of their diet. Between the grass that would have been in their prey’s

digestion and the grass they’d have consumed if foraging in undergrowth, it would have been something their ancestors would have consumed on a regular basis.

Should I stop my dog from eating grass?

If nibbling the odd blade of grass is something your dog has always done, it’s probably not something you need to worry about. Anytime you notice an obvious change in your pet’s behaviour, it’s always advisable you talk to your vet so if grass eating is new or they’ve suddenly increased how much of it they’re eating, you should get some professional advice.

If you know your dog does like to eat your grass, make sure you’re not using any chemicals or pesticides in your garden. Remember, there are plenty of plants and bulbs that are not only very toxic to your dog, but also very enticing. If your dog has free access to your garden, make sure you know what’s not safe for them before you let them loose.

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