The poodle: a dog with beauty and brains

Groomed to perfection and ready for show competitions when people think of Poodles, they think of a breed groomed to perfection and ready for show competitions

But this isn’t always the case, as the Poodle has in recent years become a very popular household companion and not just a dog for breeders to show off.

Their popularity has grown largely because of the variety of the breed that has made them suitable for all kinds of family sizes and lifestyles. Size is a definite consideration when people are looking at owning a Poodle as they come in three sizes – standard, toy and miniature. Perhaps the most common attraction for most when considering owning a Poodle is that they are a non-shedding breed, making for a great pet for those suffering allergies or anyone who simply wants a low maintenance household.

The Poodle’s coat has a curly, wiry texture and while they usually don’t shed, the Poodle’s coat does require regular grooming and clipping to remove dead hair and prevent mats from forming. This is especially the case as their fur grows rapidly in single, curly strands, so regular brushing is needed to make sure tangles are avoided. A breed-specific diet that is enriched with EPA&DHA and borage oil can also help support healthy skin and coat.

Another big plus for Poodle owners is the long lifespan of the breed. Most Poodles will live up to 15 years or more, but although this is great for company, Poodles who reach their senior years do have an increased likelihood of developing issues such as dental disease and arthritis. This is why it’s worthwhile investing in a supportive diet throughout their adult years that take their specific needs into account.

But a healthy diet is only the first step. To keep your Poodle at its healthiest and support its ageing bones and joints, daily exercise should be a priority. Although their traditional appearance suggests a preference for being pampered and staying indoors, the Poodle has huge energy levels that need an outlet. On top of this, their high intelligence and knack for excelling in obedience training mean the breed needs to not only be physically stimulated regularly but mentally stimulated by learning tricks and games.

The high energy needs and longer than the average lifespan of the Poodle makes clear that a high-quality diet that targets their specific needs is the way to go to live alongside a healthy Poodle. Of course not all dog foods will cater to what exactly your Poodle needs from their diet, so it’s worth looking into a breed-specific diet that is tailored-made specifically for this breed.

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