The maltese: delicate appetites and fussy eaters

Love nothing more than sitting by your side the Maltese are a friendly little breed.

Generally, these dogs love nothing more than sitting by your side, being your constant companion day and night. But they’re also a breed that tends to prefer having a set routine where they’re surrounded by familiar faces. So, it’s important to socialise with them and set the rules early, to make sure they’re confident and happy as you go out and about.

Because they love being with you, the breed is great for people who like their animals around them all the time. But if you’ve got a busy lifestyle that doesn’t have room for someone by your side all day long, the Maltese can become a challenge. This breed needs to feel like they’re part of a pack. If they are left by themselves for too long, they can find it upsetting – sometimes even acting out with destructive behaviour or lots of barking. Having a cat or another dog in the house can help get around this, but you’ll find they like nothing more than being with you.

The Maltese also has a solid reputation for being somewhat picky and this fussy streak means they need a little coaxing when it comes to mealtime. They can be finicky eaters so owners generally find the best results come from giving them a diet that has been formulated specifically for the Maltese breed. The most successful of these diets usually include tempting aromas and textures and a combination of the right nutritional components to help support their other health requirements.

These other health requirements can include looking after their silky, white coats that need a little extra care to stay healthy. Putting in place a regular grooming routine is a good idea for Maltese owners to stop their dog’s coat matting and getting tangles. The coat of the Maltese grows quickly too, in addition to brushing, a diet including borage oil and omega 3 fatty acids can also work wonders in helping maintain the health of the Maltese coat.

In short, the Maltese wants to spend their life right by your side and should be fed a high-quality diet that has been created specifically to tempt the more cautious eaters of the canine world.

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