Petcover Announces Partnership with New Zealand Cat Fancy

Petcover New Zealand has partnered with New Zealand Cat Fancy (NZCF), the country’s largest national body representing cat breeders and cat clubs, in an audacious move to provide more kitten owners access to the best possible veterinary care.

NZCF held their first meeting in 1930 as the New Zealand Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. The health and welfare of cats are at the forefront of the organisation, with membership comprising of individuals across New Zealand, from breeders, exhibitors, pet owners and cat lovers. As part of the World Cat Congress, NZCF clubs and their members have a wealth of knowledge about the care and upbringing of all cat breeds.

During a show season, NZCF and its affiliate clubs host approximately 25 shows throughout the country, with judges from New Zealand and around the world. Bringing together people with a shared interest in cats to participate in a variety of activities, including cat exhibitions, competing for awards, and socialising between their common shared interests.

Petcover prides itself on industry community ties, working closely with its connections to the industry to ensure its products offer the best possible cover for pets in New Zealand. The partnership creates opportunities for Petcover to connect with more local pedigree cat breeders and enthusiasts.

Petcover New Zealand is thrilled to be partnering with New Zealand Cat Fancy for a combined focus on improving cat welfare and quality breeding in New Zealand. The collaboration will work towards educating breeders on the significance of pet insurance, helping new kitten owners understand the importance of preventative care and educating more people on how Petcover can help in the event of an unexpected accident or illness.

If you want more information about the New Zealand Cat Fancy or want to enquire about becoming a member of the NZCF, you can contact the Club Secretary.