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Petcover pet business charter

As one of our pet business partners, you can offer your customers four weeks of free introductory insurance coverage for their purchased puppies, kittens or exotic pets. This provides cover for veterinary fees associated with unexpected illnesses and injuries. This is in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, your Referrer Agreement, and our Pet Shop Charter, which outlines our expectations of the pet shops issuing our weeks of free introductory insurance cover.

About the puppy, kitten or exotic pet

All animals have been examined by a veterinarian before being offered for sale, and the following confirmed:

  1. Are in good health and have not, to your knowledge, been exposed to any infectious or contagious diseases.
  2. Have been vaccinated as per standard veterinary recommendations.
  3. Have received the recommended preventative treatments for worms and other parasites.
  4. Have been checked for signs of any infestation by fleas, lice, mites or intestinal worms.
  5. Have been checked for clinical signs or symptoms of a congenital or hereditary condition or deformity.

Before the sale

  1. You have advised the new owners of the breed characteristics and needs such as grooming, exercise, diet, housing and training to ensure that the prospective owner is aware of the commitment they are undertaking.
  2. Discuss any defects or any other matters a person of reasonable experience would consider relevant to the new owner’s decision to purchase the animal in accordance with the responsible sale of domestic pets.
  3. Provide details of any veterinary attention the puppy, kitten or exotic pet has had, and if requested, provide details of your vet so the new owners can ask questions.
  4. Provide details of vaccination, worming, flea and any other preventative health treatment given to the puppy, kitten or exotic pet.
  5. Where applicable supply the new owner with registration and pedigree certificates and information regarding health screening of the puppy, kitten or exotic pet and its parents if they have been screened clear of a particular disease/anomaly.
  6. Recommend suitable training and/or breed clubs.
  7. Provide a contract of sale.

When setting up an introductory policy

  1. Provide details of any veterinary attention provided, including any veterinary attention that you are aware was provided to the puppy, kitten or exotic pet before sale, and
  2. Provide any other information that may be relevant.

By offering Petcover introductory cover to your customers, you agree

  1. To follow the guidelines as set out in this charter.
  2. To abide by the Petcover Pet Shop Program Terms & Conditions at all times.
  3. To abide by the terms of your Referrers Agreement.

Pet business registration

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