French Bulldog Insurance

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Common Health Conditions for French Bulldogs

Health conditions with French bulldogs are prevalent, so most pet owners need to spend money on treatments, medication, and checkups. Here are a few diseases that your French bulldog may experience.

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Diarrhoea
  • Otitis externa
  • Overlong nails
  • Skinfold dermatitis

Dog owners must provide proper care to these French bulldogs, and however, it can be a bit expensive. These diseases can become a severe nuisance if not treated on time. Pet parents need to look for better alternatives to ensure their pet’s betterment and care.

Fun Facts about French Bulldogs

  • The French bulldogs played a vital role in the French Revolution.
  • People lovingly also call them Frenchie.
  • Their club, called the French Bulldog Club of America, is older than the AKC.
  • They are an ideal lap dog choice.
  • French bulldogs have over nine different standard colours.
  • They are perfect watchdogs.

French bulldogs are the perfect choice for pet lovers looking for a friendly and protective furry friend. However, French bulldogs are prone to several health conditions. What’s more, these dogs have a higher chance of developing diseases if they are purebred.

Get Comprehensive French Bulldog Insurance

Why Pet Owners Love French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are smaller dog breeds that families love to keep as pets, especially in cities. Apart from their smaller size, they have large erect ears, making them unique among other dog breeds worldwide. Pet parents do not need to worry about spending hours looking after these dogs, but they still require a substantial amount of care.

French Bulldogs are a perfect addition to any family. However, there are some concerns you should keep in mind. But first, let us take a quick look at some amazing fun facts about French bulldogs.

How can French bulldog Insurance Help?

One of the most common solutions to expensive dog treatment costs is investing in a French bulldog insurance policy. Here are some common types of coverage you can choose from in these policies.

Lifetime pet Insurance Policies

Lifetime pet insurance policies are the one-time solution to your pet’s health problems. It provides for all medical expenses for your pet’s health throughout its life. This way, pet parents do not have to worry about searching for ways to cope with pet treatment costs. It also reduces dipping into your finances to meet your expenses.

Time-Limited Pet Insurance Policies

Time-limited pet insurance policies have all the benefits of a lifetime pet insurance policy but for a limited period. Most of these policies are valid for 12 months, but you can get an extension by renewing them from time to time.

Accident Only Pet Insurance Policies

The accident-only pet insurance policies are another popular French bulldog insurance option that you will find. These policies protect the pets against health damage and injuries and cover their treatment costs effectively. It is a good option if you have an energetic French bulldog and get into many accidents.

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Choosing a French bulldog insurance policy can help meet the financial costs of dog treatment. It allows dog owners to provide the best medication, medical care, and procedures to their pets without worrying about the budget.

You can find many dog insurance providers in the market, but choosing the right one matters. Try reaching out to our award-winning team at Petcover Group. We are a reputable company in the industry and will help you get the best cover for your pet’s needs.