Border Collie Insurance New Zealand

Signing up for insurance for your border collie is the best solution to cover the expenses of your pet’s treatment, medication, veterinary fees, and other costs. To protect your border collie from the unexpected, get a quote down below.

Different Types of Border Collie Insurance in New Zealand

Insurance companies in New Zealand offer various options for you to choose from for your pet. We will discuss some of these policies below.


Lifetime Coverage

Lifetime insurance coverage plans have different benefits for different customers; the premium amount varies and depends on circumstances, such as if your pet gets sick often, your premiums might increase. On application, the insurer checks your dog’s age and goes through the medical history, then plans something suitable for your pet. As long as there is no break in coverage, these policies will cover the whole life of the pet.


Limited Time Coverage

These insurance covers are valid for a certain period, you have to renew them after a year or more. This is a simple solution for pet owners; they get insurance for a limited time to cover their pet’s expenses.


Accident Only Coverage

If your pet engages in risky behaviours and gets injured on a regular basis, then this is the perfect solution for you. Your insurance provider will cover the expenses of your pet’s injuries and surgeries after an accident.


Accident-only insurances cover minor and major accidents of your pet. You can get your preferred surgery and procedure at an affordable price and ensure your pet is safe with the best vets in town.

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Common Health Conditions that Border Collies Develop

The border collie is a very healthy breed of dog that is built to work, run, and play without having to worry about health issues holding it back from doing so. But that doesn’t imply these adorable, athletic puppies are completely exempt from health issues. Those border collies who do develop health concerns will likely be affected by physical conditions or hereditary issues.

Some of the common health conditions for border collies are:

  • Hip Dysplasia.
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD).
  • Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA).
  • Glaucoma.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Epilepsy
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Why Pet Owners Love Border Collies

As working dogs, they are incredibly active and love to play! New Zealand pet owners who enjoy getting outside and keeping busy will be interested in owning a border collie. They are wonderful family pets, can be easy to train, and are widely regarded as the breed of dog with the highest level of intelligence.

New Zealand pet owners thinking about a border collie as their next pet need to consider the environment their new pet will be living in. As an active breed that needs high mental stimulation, it is ideal to have a big backyard and plenty of time for your border collie.

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Fun Facts about Border Collies

Personalities and physical traits of border collies are one of a kind. Here are some interesting facts regarding the dog breed:

  • The name “border collie” comes from the fact that these dogs were first bred on the border between Scotland and England.
  • They were originally bred for Sheep herding and continue to be a well known working dog.
  • A border collie’s coat can be found in a variety of colours, with the most common being; black and white, red, and blue merle.
  • They get along fantastic with children! (Provided they are socialised at a young age).
  • Striker, a gifted border collie, holds the record for the quickest car window rolled down by a dog, by doing this in just 11.34 seconds!


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Benefits of Insurance for your Border Collie

Here is why you should get insurance for your pet and several benefits of getting insurance for your border collie.

Saves You Money

Whenever your pet is sick, you can have peace of mind that you can claim on eligible conditions through the insurance plan. If your pet has a sudden accident, having a pet insurance policy will mean medical expenses is one less thing to worry about.

Your Main Focus Will be Your Pet’s Health

After signing up to pet insurance, your primary focus will be the health of your four-legged companion. It allows you to get the best possible treatment for your pet, and you will be able to afford expensive surgeries and treatments for your border collie without any worries.

More Options for Treatment

The pet insurance policy will allow you to afford and choose from various treatment options specified in your product disclosure statement, these could consist of pet chemotherapy and other life-saving surgeries. These procedures will cost you thousands of dollars without an insurance policy.

Relief from Financial Burden

Knowing you can provide your pet with the best possible treatment will increase your confidence and give you peace of mind. You will be relieved to know you can take care of your pet and meet its needs.

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Get the Best Dog Insurance for Your Pet

You can invest in a dog insurance policy to provide your border collie with effective treatment and care without worrying about financial problems. You should choose a plan carefully for your pet to solve all the issues together. You can get the best solution for your pet insurance, without financially burdening yourself.