Helping a german shepherd’s digestion

The fearlessness, strength and intelligence of the German Shepherd

The fearlessness, strength and intelligence of the German Shepherd make them one of the best breeds for guarding and police work. However, even though these magnificent dogs look powerful on the outside, they frequently suffer from issues on the inside.

German Shepherds have a tendency to experience digestive issues such as bloating, runny stools and gas. But with a small amount of the right attention and care, you should be able to overcome your German Shepherd’s stomach upsets by giving them a diet that’s more focused on their needs.

Just like humans, stomach upsets in dogs are often due to eating something that doesn’t agree with them. With German Shepherds, their sensitive digestive system makes them even more prone to these issues. This is why it is worth considering a breed-specific diet for German Shepherds. Generally, these tailored diets will include higher quality ingredients that are nutritionally targeted to the needs of the breed. They are also usually more easily digested.

When considering what to feed your German Shepherd, it’s a good idea to look for a diet that includes an increased level of fibre to keep intestinal fermentation at bay. On top of this, because their digestive systems aren’t always the most efficient, their diet should also be high in easily digestible proteins that are absorbed much better by the German Shepherd’s body. Getting your German Shepherd onto a high-quality diet can help prevent future stomach upsets and will also help support proper bowel function to keep them regular.

If you are considering changing your dog’s diet, remember to do it in stages – especially if they have sensitive digestive issues like the German Shepherd. Ideally, you will incrementally change their diet over a number of days, starting with a 20% change on day one, gradually altering the ratio over a week until they are fully converted to the new diet.

By carefully monitoring your German Shepherd’s diet, and managing a transition to a breed-friendly formula designed to meet their specific needs, you should find that they’ll have healthier stools, fewer issues with flatulence and that they are generally healthier.

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