Hairless cat breeds

‘Hairless’ cats are truly unique when it comes to physical appearance

Cats are usually associated with being soft and fluffy however there are a few cat breeds that do not have a lot of fur on them. ‘Hairless’ cats are truly unique when it comes to physical appearance however they are known for their friendly, loving and affectionate nature. Petcover look at four ‘hairless’ cat breeds.


The Sphynx is one of the most well-known hairless cat breeds. The breed is said to have originated from Toronto, Canada in 1966 when a kitten was born without any hair. In 2002 the Cat Fanciers Association gave the Sphynx official breed recognition.  Their skin is wrinkly and comes in different colours and patterns; they have large eyes and long pointed ears.  They have a friendly and playful personality and sometimes can be a little bit clumsy.


This breed is a result of a deliberate cross-breeding of a Sphynx and a Munchkin.  Bambino means baby or child in Italian, which is fitting for this breed. Their short legs and low long bodies are traits from their Munchkin heritage. Some Bambino cats have some hair on their tail, face, ears and legs. They are very active, love to play and are friendly and love to be cuddled and handled.


The Donskoy breed was discovered in Russia in 1987 and is not related to the Sphynx. Donskoy hairlessness is caused by a dominant gene. They are medium in size; have stunning captivating eyes, large yet elegant ears and oval feet with long webbed toes.  They are social cats and extremely loyal. One interesting thing about Donskoys is that some may grow a winter coat and then shed this coat when the weather becomes warmer.


Another breed that originated in Russia, the Peterbald was a cross between a Donskoy and an Oriental Shorthair. They have a hair-losing gene which means they can be born with or without hair. There are different variations to their coat, they may have a fine peach-fuzz coat or may shed their coat as time passes. They have curious, affectionate, smart and energetic personalities.

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