Fox or dog?

Have you ever looked at a dog and mistaken it for a fox?

While we do not have foxes in New Zealand it’s amazing how fox-like some breeds appear; that is because dogs and foxes have many physical traits. They alongside wolves and dingos are part of the Canidae biological family.  Petcover look at four dog breeds that look like a fox.

Shiba Inu
The Sihba Inu is of Japanese origin and belongs to the ‘Spitz’ breed of Japan. In ancient times these dogs were bred for hunting. They are intelligent, brave, loving and loyal dogs who are known to be extremely fast at chasing small prey.

The Akita, like the Shiba Inu, is of Japanese origin and they are the largest of the Japanese Spitz breed. Originally they were used for guarding and hunting and were given the name ‘silent hunter’.

The Samoyed is another Spitz breed however originated from the Siberian part of Russia. They are strong, loving, playful and intelligent dogs who were originally bred to pull sledges. They also love to chase small animals.

Finnish Spitz
Originated from Finland they are known as the Barking Bird Dog. As its name implies this breed loves to bark. They were bred to hunt and are an intelligent, active and highly energetic breed.

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