Turtle Insurance New Zealand

Having good turtle insurance is very important for a variety of different reasons. Full coverage on vet fees will give you peace of mind that your pet turtle is covered in the event of an unexpected accident or illness.

Benefits of Turtle Insurance Policies New Zealand

The greatest choice for pet owners who need financial security against unforeseen veterinary costs is a turtle insurance. Here are a few key justifications for signing on for a turtle insurance policy.


The Veterinarian of Your Choice

If you get turtle insurance, you do not have to worry about being unable to get the best veterinarian to help with your turtles. Turtle insurance policies allow you to pick the veterinary clinic of your choice, so you can do some research and go to the best-rated veterinarian in your area. This way, your pets will get the best quality help possible.


Peace of Mind

When unwell, turtles need immediate care and can get worse if they are not treated right away. A pet insurance policy allows the owners to care of their turtles as quickly as possible, giving them peace of mind that their pet can get the cover it deserves whenever it’s needed.


Breed Specific Coverage

Insurance coverage is available for all species of turtles that can be kept as pets in New Zealand. Different species of turtles may require different levels of care, trusting a pet insurance expert that focuses solely on pets will allow you to get the right cover for your specific breed.

The right insurance policy will cover all the problems your turtles may face, leaving you satisfied with the medical treatment they receive.


Money Management

It can be very difficult to manage money when you are paying for sudden veterinary expenses on your own. You can easily get rid of your financial worries by getting turtle insurance. The insurance will cover all eligible expenses, allowing forward planning of your finances.

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Different Types Of Turtle Insurance New Zealand

When you think about getting an insurance policy for your turtle, you will have to look at the different types of coverage and choose the best one that suits your situation.

Lifetime Coverage

The lifetime coverage is a great option for all turtle owners who have young turtles and do not wish to worry about their medical expenses in the future. The lifetime coverage ensures that you get a comprehensive insurance policy that covers accidents and illnesses that occur throughout the turtle’s life.

Time Limited Coverage

The time-limited option offers coverage for a set time, this is usually for 12 months. Once the policy is finished you can choose to renew the insurance on new terms. This is a low-cost alternative to lifetime coverage and is a good option for those who want cover for accidents and illnesses but are on a budget.

Accident Only Coverage

This insurance policy only covers accidents. If your pet gets into an accident, this policy can cover all the eligible medical expenses. It’s important to understand that this option will not cover illnesses, unless they are caused by an accident. Your insurance provider will determine this by using your claim form and veterinary notes.

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The best course of action for pet owners who seek assurance against unforeseen expenses is to purchase a turtle insurance policy. We advise you to work with an insurance provider that focuses solely on pet insurance, as you can have peace of mind knowing they are experts in the field. Contact our experts at Petcover Group for the best solutions!