10 Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe This Firework Season

10 Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe This Firework Season

Fireworks can be terrifying for pets, so whether you’re planning to watch fireworks at home or go to a local fireworks display this year, it’s important to make sure your pets are safe and sound.

Seasonal holidays like New Year’s Eve, Diwali, and Guy Fawkes wouldn’t be the same without fireworks. Despite our enjoyment, a survey conducted through the New Zealand Veterinary Journal found that 46% of animals displayed a level of fear of fireworks recognisable to their owners. Some pets can experience severe anxiety during the fireworks season.

Talk to your vet if you have a pet that you know gets anxious around fireworks, or if you just got a new pet and you’ve noticed that it can’t handle loud noises. Prescribed drugs are available, however, they don’t work right away. You should schedule an appointment with your vet well in advance of Guy Fawkes.

The good news is that there are a few simple things you can do to help calm your pet down when loud noises like fireworks are close. To help them relax, here are some suggestions.

1. Pheromone diffusers are a good purchase.

Pheromone sprays and diffusers can help soothe anxious pets; try using them in various rooms of the house. If you want this to have an impact once the fireworks begin, you need to start using this at least two weeks in advance.

Choosing the right course of action for your pet is something your vet can assist you with.

2. Start the day with a dog walk

If you often go for a stroll in the evening or late at night, try shifting your routine such that you go early so that you aren’t outside when the fireworks begin. Dogs can be easily shocked by loud, unexpected noises while outside, even if they don’t show any signs of anxiety around explosives.

Gradually adjust your typical walking schedule approximately a week before fireworks to get your dog used to the difference. Be cautious to keep them on a lead during fireworks season; startled dogs can often run off without notice.

3. Keep the cats indoors

It’s best to keep your outside cat, if it likes to stray, inside the house when it returns in the morning. Otherwise, they might still be out when the show begins.

4. Make sure your pet has a secure environment

Giving your pet a quiet, comfortable place to go when they’re feeling anxious will help them tremendously. Create a comfortable space for your pet by stocking it with their favourite toys, blankets, and food and water dishes.

Avoid isolating them here, as doing so may increase their anxiety. Please don’t interfere with their freedom to choose their safe place.

5. Provide plenty of hiding areas

Under the bed or behind the sofa are just two examples of excellent hiding places commonly found in households. Make sure they have a lot of quiet areas to go to get away from the chaos. This is particularly crucial for cats.

If they do seek shelter in various rooms throughout the house, make sure they are not cut off from the rest of the house by closing doors behind them.

6. Put up the shutters and blinds

Keeping your windows closed can help muffle loud noises and prevents your pet from escaping if they decide to run. If you have pets who are easily frightened by loud noises or sudden flashes of light, closing the curtains or blinds can help. Don’t forget to lock the cat door to prevent your cat from getting outside.

7. Turn up the stereo or television

The familiar sounds of the radio or television will help distract your pet from the loud booms and crackles of the pyrotechnics. To reassure your pet that everything is well, switch on some soothing music or your pet’s favourite TV show.

8. Some people even keep rabbits in cages inside their homes.

Due to their delicate nature, outdoor rabbits suffer the most when it comes to pyrotechnics. They may prefer to have their hutch inside, either in the house, garage, or shed, away from the noise of the fireworks. This offers a sturdy barrier from the sounds outside and helps lessen their stress levels. Not only that, but it also shields them from any falling sparks or firework shrapnel.

If you can’t bring them inside, you can try covering their hutch with some large blankets to reduce the noise. Don’t forget to leave an adequate gap for ventilation.

9. Give rabbits more bedding

Burrowing is a natural response for frightened rabbits, so providing them with plenty of bedding in their hutch will give them the sense that they are safe from the outside world.

You may also want to give them extra hideaways, such as a ventilated cardboard box packed with hay, to ensure they have many opportunities to take refuge from the noise.

10. Stay Home with Your Pets

Your pet will feel more secure if someone is always around to provide reassurance. If you leave your pet alone, it may become stressed out and destructive.

It’s essential to keep chatting with your pet and showering them affectionately even while the fireworks go out in the background. When they know their family is around, it will make them feel calmer.

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