image of a brown horse in the distance grazing

How to determine your horses age

Defining a horses age is an interesting task as age can be classified in different ways.

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Image of a brown horse looking over its shoulder in a paddock

How do horses eyes work?

You may think that horses see the same as us; however they don’t see the world like we do.

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image of a brown rabbit sitting next to a toy rabbit

Making your home safe for rabbits

Rabbits are a joy to have in the home. But they love to chew, dig, and get into tiny dark spaces.

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image of a budgie nudging up against its bird food tin

Homemade bird treats

Just like us humans, birds need a balanced diet to keep them happy and healthy.

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image of a blue tongue lizard lying on some wood sticking out its tongue

Reptiles that can eat a vegetarian diet

Are you interested in buying a new scaly friend, but put off by feeding them live stock?

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image of a grey bunny sitting in the grass

How to earn your rabbit’s trust

The first thing most new bunny owners are tempted to do is pick up and cuddle their adorable pet.

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Image of a black and white cat climbing across some metal

Does your cat like to wander?

Cats can be fiercely independent creatures who like to explore beyond the confines of the home.

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image of a children's python resting under its heat lamp

What to consider before buying a snake

Some pet owners prefer scales to fur. Snakes can make for a great pet, if you have an interest in reptiles.

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image of a jack russells back legs whilst it lays on its tummy

Why does my dog chase their tail?

Our canine companions can keep us entertained for hours with all the shenanigans they get up to!

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image of a brown and white guinea pig looking straight ahead whilst in the grass

4 things to consider before buying a guinea pig

Guinea Pigs are a popular choice for pets. Their sociable, friendly temperament makes for a great addition

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image of a man and two horses nestling into him

Horse whispering basics

Rebellious, unruly and difficult to train horses need the experienced hand of a trainer

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image of a cockatiel sitting its its food eating

What can cockatiels eat?

Cockatiels should have a well-balanced nutritional diet to insure they will live a healthy and long life.

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