We believe that a new talent would make a crucial contribution to the development and success of Petcover. Our friendly and hard-working team is always looking for enthusiastic and results-driven people. To join our team and to reach more information about current vacancies, please see below.

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We are an international pet insurance company that successfully operates in New Zealand, Australia, UK and in Austria, and is always looking for new opportunities in order to develop further. Petcover is a diverse workplace with a wide range of different positions that will match every talent. Our people are the most important for us and we take care of our working environment. We are sure that a friendly working environment supports our people by making important decisions enthusiastically.

If you want to join a Petcover team, then please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Hearing Back Regarding Your Enquiry

Due to the large number of employment enquiries we receive, it may not always be possible to reply to your correspondence.
All enquiries we receive will be read, but you may not hear back immediately if there are no positions available at the time.