Lifespan of a turtle or tortoise

Turtles and tortoises are animals that have a long lifespan with many of them even living decades and some even passing 100 years! No one really knows why turtles and tortoises live for so long however there are a few theories regarding their lifespans.

Slow growth is one theory explaining why these animals live so long. Turtles and tortoises don’t grow as quickly as other animals such as birds and mammals do. They have a slow metabolism which allows them to survive long periods of time without needing food or water. Another theory of why these animals live for such a long time could be due to their lifestyle. The Galapagos turtle, which in some cases has lived for over 100 years, lives a calm, stress free and healthy lifestyle. A diet of vegetables and fruit and the combination of stress-free living could be another explanation as to why these magnificent animals live for so long.

In the wild a turtle or tortoises lifespan will ultimately depend on pollution, predators and any other environmental risks. In order for your pet turtle to live a long lifespan proper care is needed. They need to have the right enclosure and proper diet to remain healthy and happy and live out their full lifespan.

Average life span for some popular turtle and tortoise’s pet species:

  • Leopard tortoise: 50 – 100 years
  • Red eared slider: 20 – 40 years
  • Map turtle: 15 – 20 years

Famous Old Tortoises:

  • Lonesome George: Estimated to have lived between 80- 100 years
  • Thomas: Estimated to have lived for 130 years
  • Esmeralda: Currently still alive and is reaching over 170 years old
  • Harriet: Estimated to have lived for 175 years

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