Finding the right horse for you

When finding the perfect horse, the first consideration is you. You will need to take in to account your size, age, and experience in order to find the right horse for your needs and wants. Petcover will walk you through what you need to know in order to find the perfect horse.


Your size will ultimately determine what type of horse/pony you buy as generally speaking adults are suited to larger horses whereas children are more suited to ponies. The size of the horse as well as you is important because it will determine how you sit and feel on the horse which will affect your performance and the ability to ride effectively.

Experienced or green horse?

Your experience with horses will also largely affect the type of horse you choose. If you are a novice rider, an experienced horse would be better suited to you as they will already know the ropes and will require very little training. This will be a much more enjoyable experience for young riders as the horse will have knowledge in your chosen field – whether it is trial riding, running barrels, or even elementary dressage.

For the more experienced riders, you may get quite the satisfaction from teaching a younger/green horse. It will take a lot of time and dedication but it may be the drive you need knowing that when you eventually get them right for the task that you intended of them, the reward will be that much sweeter.

Don’t be blinded by looks

Once you have worked out what type of horse you want and their skill level, it is time to actually start looking around. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they are blinded by the look of the horse instead of whether they are the right fit for what they are looking for. Be sure to see past how majestic the horse looks to see if their temperament is fine for your experience and whether they will suit your capabilities – especially if you’re a novice rider.


The horse’s temperament is something that is close to impossible to change. It is imperative that as a young rider your horse should have a great temperament, otherwise you will have an extremely difficult time riding and may even put first time riders off.

Before you buy

Even though this may be obvious, always see the horse before you purchase it. No matter where the horse is located, find a way to see it or get a friend to check it out for you – don’t just go off what the seller tells you or their reputation. Without meaning to, sellers will often just mention the best parts of the horse without telling you of some of their problems or trouble areas.

A pre-purchase examination is also something you should think about before purchasing your horse. This will allow a vet to check the horse for any problems that may not be visible to you. The vet will give you a recommendation of whether or not the horse is right for you, however the ultimate decision will be for you to make.

Horse ownership is a huge financial, time, and emotional commitment that should be thought about extensively before going ahead. However, purchasing your own horse is a special occasion and is the start of a very long friendship that will be cherished over the years. So in order to find the right one for you that will be by your side for many years to come, follow our above tips.

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