Where pets
mean the world.

With 40 years' experience, Petcover has provided
peace of mind globally to over 250,000 pet owners
with our comprehensive range of pet insurance.

Operating globally, our teams are based locally to assist with you and your pets' needs

Over 40 years ago, founders Doug and Gwen Ford combined their experience as international pet experts, insurance and love of animals to form what is today: Petcover Group. An independently owned and operated company, Petcover first started in Australia but now operates in New Zealand, Austria, United Kingdom and soon to be Germany, France and Ireland.

Petcover has been recognised as having one of the most comprehensive range of covers available on the market, designed to suit all needs and budgets of pets around the world.

Why Petcover is an insurer of choice globally

Our history

Petcover is an independently owned and operated pet insurance company that has been insuring pets for over 40 years.

Created by international pet industry experts, they used their knowledge and expertise to create and provide a comprehensive range of cover for all types of pets ranging from dogs, cats to exotics and horses.

Operating globally, we are proud to have insured hundreds of thousands of pets through understanding you and your pets’ needs whilst providing you with peace of mind.

We’re pet people, and our sole focus is pet insurance. We offer comprehensive, affordable cover for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Why choose us

  • We give pet parents peace of mind by taking the financial worry out of having a pet with plans designed to cover the unexpected so you can afford the specialist care your pet deserves.
  • You can rest easy knowing our claims process is easy and fast. Our customer service team are pet parents too, who strive to ensure claiming is as stress-free as possible.
  • We have one of the shortest ‘waiting periods’ for illness and injury.
  • Petcover includes liability cover: Third party liability cover protects you if your pet causes personal injuries or damage to a third party and you are found legally liable.
  •  With more than 40 years in the business, our award-winning insurance and friendly service is second to none.

Where pets mean the world

With more than 40 years in the business, our award-winning insurance and friendly service is second to none.

Our expert team of pet specialists ask you the right questions from the beginning in order to provide you with the best and most appropriate cover for your pets’ needs. This minimises any cover restrictions and protects you from any unexpected surprises, especially those financial ones that can happen with vet fees.



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