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Petcover Purramid Scheme Launches

The wait is over! The Petcover Purramid Scheme is now open to the public.

Ready to sign up as a Salespawson and unlock your potential for unlimited kitten earning?

Keep reading to find out the secrets to success (more leads > leads to more kittens), how to join, what our members think and more.


Don't just take our word for it...

“I’ve lost count of the kittens I’ve earnt since joining as an independent Purramid consultant for Petcover Group! My house is filled with so much fluffy adorableness that you have to be careful where you step… I am so proud of my purr-follio and would recommend this cat compensation package to anyone.”

– A testimonial from ‘Top Mouser’ Tom


Read what another real member has to say...

“I can’t believe I ever worked a 9-5! I’ve been on cloud nine every day with the freedom to pursue my dreams. What could be better than a scheme where you are rewarded with a seemingly never-ending stream of purring, whiskery joy? One with no catch!”

– A testimonial from VIP (Very Impawtant Puss) Paula

Time for a new feline filled start

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