Petcover’s Sponsorship of the 2023 Aviculture Society of Australia Convention

Petcover’s Sponsorship of the 2023 Aviculture Society of Australia Convention

Petcover was proud to sponsor one of the guest speakers at the recent 2023 Shepparton Conference of The Avicultural Society of Australia, hosted by the Goulburn Valley Branch. This year’s convention was titled ‘Aviculture, Moving Forward’, the event marked a special occasion with the Goulburn Valley branch last holding a convention in the 1980’s.

The Avicultural Society of Australia is one of the oldest Avicultural Societies in Australia, dating back to 1940. With over 1000 committed members, the society focuses on the welfare and care of birds, both in captivity and in the wild.

Over two days, the conference boosted guest speakers both locally and from around the globe, including India, Singapore, Belgium, and the USA. Some of the speakers from Australia included Jordan Lewis, a Lorikeet and Lory breeder, and David Pace, a member of numerous aviculture clubs in South Australia, Victoria, NSW, and Queensland. A special mention to Dr. Stacey Gelis, a vet from Queensland, who performed an autopsy on a bird to illustrate some of the conditions that vets look for when determining the cause of death.

Petcover sponsored Maddy Fish, former and first female president of the Finch Society of Australia, who spoke about her family’s history with breeding birds and what she had experienced in her 16 years of keeping Finches and Softbills. Fish commented on her sponsorship at the convention, “A very special thank you to Petcover for sponsoring me, I’m very grateful for their sponsorship!”

A range of topics was discussed to highlight the continuous improvements and techniques in keeping birds and striving to educate aviculturists in all aspects of the hobby. With a strong focus on the breeding & incubation of Parrots, Cockatoos, Pigeons, African Waxbills, Finches, Lorikeets, and Conures, to name a few.

The Petcover team accompanied two busloads of avert bird enthusiasts, guest speakers, and breeders touring Shepparton and the greater communities to visit the homes of Bird owners and see their wonderous collections of birds. We thank these aviaries’ owners and experts for opening their homes and properties to us all.

It was lovely to also meet Sheryll Steele-Boyce, a Petcover friend and supporter and the editor at the Australian Birdkeeper magazine. It was wonderful to finally meet in person!

It was a pleasure to be welcomed and educated by the aviculture community at this convention. The team thoroughly enjoyed attending, networking, and meeting everyone, and we look forward to working with new connections and building long-term relationships.

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