Wallangarra ARCA Winter Challenge July 2022

On the 23rd and 24th July 2022, the Wallangarrra Adult Riding Club hosted the Adult Riding Club Association (ARCA) Winter Challenge at the Wallangarra Pony Club grounds in Moore Street, Wungong.

Three ARCA challenges take place each year, and the winter challenge is a one-day affair, the competition consists of three phases: a dressage test, show jumping, and cross-country road.

At this event, Petcover were delighted to sponsor nine classes, including the novice and elementary levels.

The Petcover team attended the event on Saturday, January 24, it was a wintry day with a lot of rain, however, horses and riders continued to soldier on.

Petcover congratulates all of the riders that took part In the day and to everyone who won the prizes listed below.

Thank you to Wallangarra Adult Riding Club for organising such a fantastic competition.

30cm class 1 – 2nd place Caitlyn Bachelor

30cm class 2 – 2nd place Shannon Brookes

45cm class 3 – 2nd place Katherine Sturges

45cm class 4 – 2nd place Caitlyn Croonen

65cm class 5 – 2nd place Aileen Dooley

65cm class 6 – 2nd place Sharon Shanks

65cm class 7 – 2nd place Lisa Stoddart

80cm class 8 – 2nd place Ebony Kain

90cm class 9 – 2nd place Jessica Blackwell

Karen Nelson- The lucky winner of the Petcover Quote Raffle – $150 Horseland voucher

“For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins.”Melissa James